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Sports Head Hockey

Sports Head Hockey is a remake of the popular "big head" game series that include football, basketball and volleyball. Now you can also play the Ice Hockey. The game seems very easy but in fact it is very addictive and challenging. Your player has a hockey stick and the only way to win the match is to score more goals than your opponent. You can jump and try to score a goal with your head but this is not the best strategy to use.

In Sports Head Hockey game you won't be able to play the championship tournament. The whole game consists of matches, where the enemy is becoming more and more skillful. You can't play against next enemy until you win the match against previous one. Keep in mind that during the game you will notice some icons on the stage. Some of them are very useful while others can harm you. For example if you manage to get the growing power-up you will grow for some time and scoring a goal will become an easy task. Some perks will freeze you or even remove ability of using stick.

Playing Sports Head Hockey is really easy - you should use arrow buttons to move and jump and press Spacebar to make a shot. Remember that your time is limited - you have only one minute in each match so use this time wisely. Sometimes when you are winning the match, you can stay in defense to guarantee the winning score.

Have fun playing the full version of the Sports Heads Hockey at our website and don't forget to share your thoughts about it through the comments form below. Enjoy.